KBBO Group investments are not limited
to pre-defined sectors.


We believe the world is ever dynamic these days and it is our commitment to not limit KBBO Group to certain sectors. We make sure to provide support to the “Ideas” that can be diverse and may stretch beyond the sectors we operate in. 

KBBO Group’s other investments include:


Founded and based in 1984 in Abu Dhabi, GEMACO Interiors is a leading provider of cutting edge interior design solutions specializing in commercial fit-out, office and residential furniture, space planning and design consulting.

With a rich portfolio of projects in various industries, our expertise in delivering turnkey, client-centric workspace solutions is unrivaled.

With a team of over 200 highly talented professionals GEMACO Interiors continues to maintain a high standard through careful planning and implementation, delivering finely crafted spaces while respecting deadlines and budget constraints.



NIMR is the leading manufacturer of light and medium weight wheeled military vehicles in the Middle East and North Africa region. Based in the United Arab Emirates, NIMR vehicles are in service with armed forces across the MENA region and have a reputation for versatility, ruggedness and performance.

With a complete in-house design capability, modern production facilities and maintenance, repair and overhaul, NIMR provides a total life-cycle solution for clients worldwide.

NIMR vehicles provide the tactical mobility required to meet a diverse range of operational requirements on the modern battlefield. Based on a modular chassis and driveline, NIMR provides utility, logistic and command variants as well as protected patrol vehicles, all with a range of protection options.

NIMR prides itself on consistently delivering the highest quality vehicles and services to our clients.