A diversified portfolio

Our direct investment portfolio is diversified in approach, industry sectors covered and geographies served.


We believe the world is ever dynamic these days and it is our commitment to not limit KBBO Group to certain sectors. We make sure to provide support to the “Ideas” that can be diverse and may stretch beyond the sectors we operate in.

Some of our other investments include:


Abu Dhabi-based GEMACO Interiors is a leading provider of cutting edge interior design solutions. The firm specialises in commercial fit-out, office and residential furniture, space planning and design consulting.

The GEMACO brand is known for its ability to engineer turnkey client-centric workspace solutions, and its uniformly high quality standards. GEMACO prides itself on delivering finely crafted spaces on time and to budget.



The KBBO Art Collection is one of the largest privately-owned art collections in the region. It features Islamic and pre-Islamic art, Contemporary Middle-Eastern art and International Modern and Contemporary art.

The Islamic Collection brings together items that include Qur’anic manuscripts, miniatures and illustrated books as well as pottery, metalwork, textiles, coins, jewellery and fine carpets.

The Modern and Contemporary Middle-Eastern Collection is one of its kind including pivotal works by Farhad Moshiri, Mohammad Ehsaei, Mahmoud Said, Abdul Qader Al Raes and Ahmed Moustafa, to name but a few.

The International Modern and Contemporary Collection includes major pieces from a comprehensive range of art movements.  Its growing range of works includes international Modern and Contemporary masters such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Joan Miro, Fernand Leger, Alberto Giacometti.