KBBO’s investment in the healthcare sector represents its commitment to improving the facilities, services and reach of its partners.


“The same factors that made us invest in the healthcare sector in the past continue to move the market, and the sector remains a hot market, especially for strategic investors seeking increasing consumer demand and positive balance sheets.”

Yazen Abu Gulal, Group Chief Executive Officer, KBBO Group

KBBO Group’s holdings in the Healthcare sector include:


NMC Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare providers in the private sector in the UAE, and has two core competencies, Healthcare and Trading.

The NMC Healthcare division boasts a large number of hospitals, day surgery centres, medical centres as well as pharmacies, present across the UAE.

The NMC Trading division handles agencies and distribution for a number of pharmaceutical brands; medical, educational and scientific products, a diverse portfolio of FMCG brands as well as Veterinary products across the UAE.

NMC Healthcare is the first UAE company to be listed on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange. NMC Healthcare is part of the FTSE-250 index.



Emirates Healthcare is the progressive spirit of the global Healthcare industry. As a new breed of Healthcare groups, backed by the strength of KBBO, it is breaking away from the conventional medical care mind-set to offer united medical solutions.

This integrated, patient-friendly, continuum of care is laced through full-service hospitals, specialty clinics, urgent care, med-spas and pharmacy. This continuum also extends into research and education, delivered with both local and global partners.

Emirates Healthcare is delivered at centres of excellence in the UAE offering a very wide range of high quality healthcare services under its brands Emirates Hospitals and Clinics, CosmeSurge and Emirates Rehab and Homecare services. Led by passionate and highly-qualified experts, Emirates Healthcare seeks to create a positive impact on both regional and worldwide health.


Emirates Hospital and Clinics, a member of the Emirates Healthcare company, are designed to facilitate physicians and medical professionals in the community to practice high-quality, evidence based medicine with state-of-the-art technology and to provide high-quality care in a comfortable world class environment.

The notion of focusing on the community’s health imperatives is embedded in the Emirates Hospital’s brand DNA. Through its vast medical services, expert staff, progressive medical technology and countrywide network facilities, Emirates Hospital aims to provide a consistent, cultivating world of health, catering to the real-time medical needs of patients in a cost-effective way.

Emirates Hospital is currently building two world class hospital facilities and is also developing new medical and day case surgery centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both focused on short stay non-invasive surgeries and providing high-quality primary medical care to the communities around the centres.



CosmeSurge, a member of the Emirates Healthcare company, is the Middle East’s most trusted name in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Since its inception in 1998, CosmeSurge has been treating patients from around the world in our world class facilities with incomparable success.

As a Global leader in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, CosmeSurge are advocates of conscious beauty, delivering the highest quality medical approach, appreciating and cultivating individual beauty needs.

All the CosmeSurge centres across the Gulf adopt international standards for quality, safety, and privacy.



Emirates Rehab and Homecare Centre (EHRH) was established in 2006 and is the first-of-its-kind healthcare provider dedicated to long-term recovery, elderly care and home health services in the UAE. EHRH’s care services are available to patients across the UAE and Oman.

With over 250 trained health professionals committed to treatment programs and recovery, EHRH’s exclusive care and recovery services concentrate on relieving the distress of patients using a multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitative and palliative care.