KBBO understands the challenges and opportunities the sector face. The group develops and partners with food and retail business across the globe to ensure the business is able to deliver sustainable growth and outperform its competitors.

Food and Retail

“KBBO investments in food and retail companies bring trusted household names to the market such as Fathima Group and Sama Jordan.”

Yazen Abu Gulal, Group Chief Executive Officer, KBBO Group

KBBO Group’s holding in the food and retail sector includes:


Fathima Group traces its origin to 1968 when the first grocery store was opened in Abu Dhabi by the EP family from Kerala, India. Today it is a highly diversified group with interests in supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, branded fashion stores, electronics, trading and distribution, cold stores, catering, bakery, telecom, water purification, specialty restaurants, etc.

The group has business interests in the UAE with 30 stores in Oman, KSA, Qatar, India and China and is actively seeking other territories and opportunities.



Sama Food Industries is one of the leading companies in introducing mineral water and canned beverages such as juices, soft drinks, malt drinks and energy drinks.

Sama Food Industries is a privately owned enterprise which was launched in July 2009 and lead by a highly professional, resourceful and knowledgeable team member.

Currently, the company’s products are distributed all around the kingdom of Jordan and expanding to many different countries around the world.