Oil & Gas




KBBO Group’s oil refinement and processing division utilizes advanced technology, equipment, and services that have propelled the Group to become a leader in the regional Oil and Gas industry.KBBO’s portfolio includes a wide array of services for onshore and offshore activity as well as sub-sea oil & gas fields, delivered and managed by prominent industry professionals.


Bin Butti Oil Refinement & Processing has a versatile and innovative approach that identifies and capitalizes on unique opportunities, enabling the KBBO Group to emerge as a market leader.With a range of subsidiary companies across the sector, from commercial agencies to lubricant waste recycling, KBBO Group continues to contribute to burgeoning growth in the Middle East.


The Oil & Gas sector holds immense potential and plays a key role in advancement of industries globally. Bin Butti, through ensuring excellence in every project and service, lays the route for economic progress within the sector and beyond.

What We Do
Centurion Partners (comprising Centurion Investments, Infinite Investment LLC, Saeed Mohamed Butti Mohamed Khalafan Al Qebaisi and Khaleefa Butti Omair Yousif Ahemed Al Muhairi) are currently assessing a range of strategic alternatives to support further growth and development of certain businesses owned by Centurion Partners. This may include a possible IPO, however no decisions have been made at this time with respect to any specific transaction.            

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