KBBO Group and Guggenheim Partners Announce JV


September 23, 2014

“Guggenheim KBBO Partners” will Provide Global Investment and Advisory Services to Investors and Leading Companies in the Middle East.

KBBO Group and Guggenheim Partners today announced a joint venture that will bring together Guggenheim Partners’ global investment banking and asset management capabilities with KBBO Group’s expert insights and in-depth industry and market knowledge in the Middle East.

Based in Dubai, the joint venture, Guggenheim KBBO Partners, will specialize in delivering strategic advisory services to leading operating companies in the Middle East and global asset management solutions to family offices and institutional investors in the region. Strategic advisory services offered include capital raising from global investors via public and private markets.

“We are excited to combine our regional leadership and expertise with a global partner of the caliber of Guggenheim Partners,” said Khalifa Bin Butti Omeir, Founder and Chairman of KBBO Group. “Guggenheim has advised on some of the largest and most complex global transactions and has an extensive track record of success. We believe there is tremendous long-term opportunity for global integration and international capital markets access for businesses in the Middle East, and we plan to offer clients tailored, global solutions together with Guggenheim.”

“It is a privilege to partner with a premier, highly respected investment group like KBBO. Similar to Guggenheim, KBBO has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver innovative solutions to leading companies and capitalize on market opportunities across business cycles,” said Todd Boehly, President of Guggenheim Partners. “We are proud to form this joint venture on the foundation of common vision of the global opportunities for Middle Eastern economies and shared cultural values of innovation, stewardship, integrity, and excellence.”

The Board of Guggenheim KBBO Partners consists of Khalifa Butti Bin Omeir, Founder and Chairman of KBBO Group; Nabeel Abdulrahman, Chief Executive Officer of KBBO Group; and three members from Guggenheim Partners, including Todd Boehly, President. The joint ventures’ business operations in the Middle East will be spearheaded by Hani Buttikhi, who currently serves as Advisor to the Chairman of KBBO Group.