Defined by determination

We believe in innovation, catalyse new ideas and invest in sectors that will help the region transition to a thought leadership-economy.



To be the UAE’s leading private investment group, powering growth in sectors crucial to sustainable development, regionally and internationally.



Creating opportunities and investments that add value for our stakeholders, while furthering our commitment to excellence.


Our operations and investment strategies are informed by values that constitute the core of our culture.

We are innovative: We believe in innovation, catalyse new ideas, and invest in sectors that will help the region transition to a thought- leadership.

We are transparent: We are fair and transparent in our dealings with stakeholders, business partners and internal teams. This helps us forge long-term relationships needed to power sustainable success.

We believe in excellence: Excellence is a core part of our ethos and daily operations. We want to be the industry benchmark for due diligence, corporate governance and optimised processes.

We value our roots: KBBO Group is a UAE-based investment group and our growth has mirrored that of the nation. We remain committed to sustainable growth and new opportunities in the UAE, GCC and MENA markets.