Creating Opportunities. Building Success.

Established in 2008, KBBO Group is a diversified investment company headquartered in the UAE with operations across the MENA region, Europe, and the United States.


A leading investment group with a diverse portfolio.

Our portfolio of investments and operating companies encompass key industry sectors including healthcare, education, food & retail, financial services, information technology and ventures.

KBBO Group’s core focus are consumer driven industries, including healthcare, education and food and retail. The rationale for engaging in these sectors includes our strategic response to increased consumer drive and a commitment to impact investment which will deliver measurable beneficial impacts to society along with financial return.

Our investment strategy also aligns us with the direction set out by the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and the UAE Plan 2021, towards a knowledge-based economy.

Powerful business ideas

KBBO Group is a diversified investment company with operating companies in some of the world’s most dynamic industry sectors, and those that are the most critical for sustainable development. Our companies encompass several verticals. These include delivering food & retail; healthcare solutions; building technological ideas and education; creating new financial corridors and generating value for stakeholders.